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RV Shower eBay From what I understand we'll have to raise up the shower a bit and drill an inclined path through the concrete slab to the toilet drain to allow it to drain properly. Threaded Vacuum Breaker For Hand-Held Shower Hose Hook-up. Chrome Finish And Clear Handles. 5-Year Warranty.

How to Install the shower base and connect What would be the recommended incline from the shower drain to the toilet drain? Do we attach the new drain above or below the toilet drain? Any other options/ suggestions for adding a new shower drainage system? We just wanted to be sure this is a feasible option. We are remodeling the master bathroom (on a concrete slab) and adding a large shower in a location far from the orinal shower. Before you whip out your iPhone and your nehborhood plumber for a job that's sure to cost you a pretty penny, check out this video to.

Steps to Install a Shower Pan at The Home We want to drain this new shower through the nearby toilet drain (approx 4-5 feet away). Attach the flange to the drain pipe. Attach flange drain pipe - Install Shower Pan. • Test-fit the drain.

Extended Lift and Turn Tub Drain - 1 After locating a slab leak, I had a plumber offer to immediately start jackhammering the slab. Lift and turn tub drain with extended tub shoe waste pipe. Fits antique and modern clawfoot tubs, as well as freestanding tubs.

Connecting Shower Drain To Toilet Drain - Plumbing - DIY But I have a few questions about attaching this new shower drain to the toilet drain... What size pipe would we use to tie the shower drain to the toilet drain 2. We've had a bathroom remodeler tell us that's the way he wants to do it (drain shower through toilet drain). Do you mean break out a slot trench for the new pipe? We are remodeling the master bathroom on a concrete slab and adding a large shower in a location far from the orinal shower. We want to.

Shower Base Install And Connect Drain 1) 2" 2) 1/4" per foot 3) A sketch or picture would be helpful 4) Same as above Have you thought about proper venting for the new shower? Yes, I worded that a little wrong, I did mean slotting a trench. I know we have a vent pipe in the bathroom that I'm assuming was used by the old shower before. This is PlumberX. People always ask me what gave you the idea and what made you create these how to.

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